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Royal Flush
When it comes to playing Texas Holdem poker, it does not matter whether it is online of offline, the best hand you are ever going to get is the Royal Flush, which cannot be beaten by any other hand.

If you have played a lot of Texas Holdem poker over the years, then you might have come across a Royal Flush before, whether it be for yourself or for your opponent.

With that said, it is actually very rare that you are going to land a Royal Flush, which has a probability of 0.000154%, so if you have managed to see one, then you are either very lucky ... or unlucky.
Royal Flush
Straight Flush
Straight Flush
While the Royal Flush is the best possible poker hand you are ever going to get to see, the next best hand is the Straight Flush, which is pretty much the same as the Royal Flush but doesn't go all the way to the Ace.

To be considered a Straight Flush, you simple have to have a run of cards in numerical order, which are also all of the same suit and, as mentioned, not all the way to the Ace.

While the Royal Flush has the lowest probability of all of the potential hand rankings in poker, the Straight Flush is not much better, with a probability of 0.00139%, so good luck seeing one.
Four of a Kind
The next best hand that you can ever see in playing poker, is the Four of a Kind, which is actually a lot more common than the previous two but is still not seen that often.

The Four of a Kind is a very simple hand to explain, as it is just having four cards which are all of the same value, for example having all four of the aces, as seen on the right.

So what are the chances that you are going to land a Four of the Kind at the poker table? Well, it is not amazing, as it still only has a small probability of 0.0240%.
Four Of A Kind
Full House
Full House
Now when you are playing poker anywhere in the world, one of the favourite hands, and most recognisable hands, is the Full House, since it has been used in movies more than any other hand.

When it comes to making a hand which is a Full House, you are going to need three cards of one value, alongside two cards of another value, such as K-K-8-8-8, as is seen on the left hand side.

As you have probably guessed, the chances of getting a Full House in poker is better than those already mentioned, but it is still not great. A Full House has a probability of 0.1441%.
So we have already had the Royal Flush and the Straight Flush, and now we have for you the plain and simple Flush, which you have definitely seen on a few occasions when playing poker.

As you may or may not already know, the regular Flush is simply made up of five cards which are all of the same suit, regardless of the numbers, as long as they are not a straight run. An example of a Flush can be seen on the right.

Which brings us to the probability of seeing a Flush, which definitely starts to make for better reading than what we have already seen. The Flush has a probability of 0.1965%.
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Next up for you we have the plain and simple Straight, which again is a hand which you have most likely seen on quite a few occasions, especially if you play a lot of online poker.

When it comes to getting a Straight, you simply need to have a run of cards in numerical order, which are not of the same suit. For example, 3-4-5-6-7 all of a different suit, as seen on the left.

So what is the probability of seeing a Straight when playing a hand of poker? Well, you might be pleased to know that the probability of getting a Straight is 0.3925%.
Three of a Kind
Now we are getting to the hands which you are going to see on a much more regular basis, with the next best available hand in poker being the Three of a Kind, which you have definitely seen before.

The way that you can make a Three of a Kind is by getting three cards which are all of the same value, with the other two cards being completely unrelated in terms of number. An example of this is the J-J-J-3-8 seen on the right.

The good news about the Three of a Kind is that the probability takes a nice jump up from the Straight, with it being much more common. The Three of a Kind has a probability of 2.1128%.
Poker Hand Of Playing Cards On Green Casino Cloth Pyzg858
Two Pairs
Two Pairs
Everyone who has every played poker has surely seen the Two Pairs at some point in their experience, as it is very common. It is probably likely that you have been beaten by Two Pairs on more than one occasion.

As you can probably already tell, the way that you get Two Pairs in poker is by getting two cards of the same value, along with two other cards of the same value, hence two pairs.

The chances of you getting Two Pairs is much higher than you might think, as it is seen on a regular basis. The probability of getting Two Pairs is an exciting 4.7539%.
A Pair
We are now right down the lower end of the hand ranking values, as we make it to the single Pair, which you have most definitely had a huge amount of times in your poker life.

This is one of the easiest hands to explain, as it is simply having one pair of cards which are of the same numerical value, for example two 7s, as seen on the right.

As for the probability of getting to see a pair in poker, it really is very common with pretty much everyone having one, as it takes a huge leap up, with a very healthy 42.2569%.
A Pair
High Card
High Card
Finally, we have for you the lowest possible hand you can get in poker, which is the High Card, which is beaten by all of the other hand rankings but does still have a chance of winning.

It really is very self explanatory, as the High Card is simply the person who has the highest card wins the hand, since nobody has any of the other hand rankings out there.

The probability of a High Card is easy to work out, as it is the percentage that we have left and is a very big 50.1177%